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One Year. A milestone in any relationship. For Fast Lane Drive and O’Gara La Jolla it has been one year of amazing roads, incredible cars, and fantastic friendships. To celebrate, Fast Lane decided to pull out all the stops, and do not just a drive, but a full luxury experience. Destination, Las Vegas. 25 cars, 3 days, 60 participants, and one hell of a good time.

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With a vibrant downtown, diverse neighborhoods, hiking trails, miles of golden sands and an active beach community, San Diego embodies “the California dream.” Yet in a region of sand, surf and sunshine, what’s hot on the San Diego supercar scene?

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3 New Limited-Inventory Vehicles at McLaren San Diego

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McLaren San Diego

A sports vehicle brand, with ultra-luxury features. That is the best way to describe McLaren. Since 1965, the automotive group has been producing jaw-dropping, design-driven vehicles for luxury car enthusiasts and lovers alike. Now that the brand has made its way to San Diego, owning a supercar like McLaren is more than just a dream. Here are 3 McLaren San Diego deals we think are worth taking a look at:

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7 Distinctive Features of the new Bentley Continental GT

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Bentley is actively planning its 100 year anniversary, or so we hope. Over the span of a century, the legendary automaker has mastered how to combine luxury, elegance, and class with innovative technologies and performance. The new Continental GT is every bit a Bentley automobile, true to the brand’s tradition of cutting-edge features and craftsmanship while displaying a new presence and redefining shape language. The Continental Grand Tourer is the bridge between Bentley’s heritage and the modern world.

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At O’Gara La Jolla we’re always trying to find new and innovative ways to grow our brands and connect with the community. Enter local San Diego artist Spencer Couture. Spencers art has an incredible mix of color, texture and pop culture references. As a fan of his work for years, we thought, how could we collaborate with this immensely talented artist. What came next was something even better than what we could have imagined.

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With the new Bentley Continental GT on the way later this year, we at O’Gara La Jolla were given the opportunity to showcase the grand tourer to our clients. Most dealers would simply stage the cars in the showroom and do short drives in the surrounding area. We wanted to do something special and decided to aim a little higher. A few hundred feet higher. The Fly and Drive was born.


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Optimal Car Maintenance Schedule for Your Exotic Vehicle

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car maintenance schedule

For the profane, it would appear evident that the more expensive the car, the less maintenance it requires. Luxury brands, after all, are praised for the incredible engineering that goes into designing a supercar, and unsurpassed quality in every detail. Except that the complexity of engines and parts, the high-tech components that set those cars apart, not to mention the thrill-drives they are put through, make them not just expensive, but precious. Which is exactly why owners of Rolls Royce, McLaren, or Lamborghini automobiles know the importance of maintaining a strict checkup schedule, even more so than for an everyday sedan.

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Why Lamborghini is Currently at the Top of its Game

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Rarely practical. Always a thrill. Owning a Lamborghini puts man among the ranks of esteemed drivers and celebrities, like those of the 1960s who notoriously owned Lamborghini’s flagship model and first supercar, the Miura. While Lamborghini is known for their bold and spectacular styling, there are a few unique reasons why Lamborghini models are a must-have addition to any collection:

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Differences Between a Lamborghini Performante and Lamborghini Aventador

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Lamborghini Performante

From 2014 – 2018, the only two Lamborghini models in production were the Hurácan and Aventador. Until the addition of the Urus SUV in 2018, these two cars were the sole heirs to the Lamborghini dynasty. Today, they still remain the only supercars in production by the manufacturer. Due to their shared heritage in sports car excellence, the vehicles’ stylings are similar and can be difficult to tell apart by the untrained eye – specifically the Hurácan’s Performante edition. Here’s how you can impress your friends and identify a Lamborghini Performante or Aventador when you go car spotting.

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More Than just a Sports Car – the McLaren 570S

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McLaren 570s

3.1 seconds…





Any car that goes from 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds belongs to a special class entirely.

What if we told you that such car can also stop from 62mph in just 105 feet? (basically, 3.3 seconds and 100 feet later, you’re back to a complete stop).

While reminiscent of primary school math problems, these facts are not arcane to sports car enthusiasts. Those in the know – all our readers, we reckon – have recognized some specs of the McLaren 570S.

What’s in a name really? Would you expect 570S to elicit much of a response? You would and you should. With or without the brand name, it’s already become a classic, packing no less than 562 horsepower (570 metric horsepower, hence the name), designed according to McLaren’s highest principles of engineering and performance.

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