How the Bentley Mulsanne Stacks Up to the Competition

By rgrubbs | Posted in Bentley on Monday, November 19th, 2018 at 4:46 pm
Bentley Mulsanne

The 2018 Bentley Mulsanne has been sweeping away the awards of countless auto shows this year. After a receiving a facelift and other improvements last year, the 2018 model continues the upgrades in its classic meets modern design that is sure to woo any luxury vehicle owner. If you are looking for a luxury car that is one part ultra-luxury and comfort with some significant power handling beneath the hood, then this year’s Bentley Mulsanne is sure to fulfill that void.

Truly the Peak of Automobile Engineering

Like most Bentleys, what sets the Mulsanne apart from other vehicles like Mercedes and BMW is that it is more than just a luxury car. Taking the Bentley Mulsanne for a first drive helps you capture its modern and elegant design. This full-size premium sedan offers incredible styling, handling and everything you are looking for in an incredibly equipped vehicle. Bentley also takes it to a new level by offering a wide range of color choices designed to please any buyers.

Those looking for an extra performance boost can check out the Mulsanne Speed which finetunes the engine and gives you an extra dash of horsepower. Whether you are looking for speed, comfort or both, this vehicle is designed to provide you with exactly what you want.


Getting the Special Bentley Touch

More than anything the Bentley Mulsanne is your opportunity is to get truly familiar with the best of Bentley engineering. Whatever you are looking for, the Mulsanne has it. One of our favorite features includes one of a kind self-leveling air suspension. That means that no matter what type of roads you are driving on, the drive will always be smooth. Another amazing feature in the 8-inch center touchscreen console where you can control everything in the car including the different driving modes from sporty to comfort.

This stunning vehicle also comes with amazing interior features such as fourteen-speaker audio system meaning you can hear every detail of your favorite music in absolutely pristine detail. Finally, you have a wide array of amazing add-ons from rear seat tables which feature built-in iPads to an extended wheelbase edition which offers greater legroom in the back seats. These options genuinely make it the crown jewel of what Bentley has to offer.

Bentley Mulsanne


Bentley Mulsanne vs. the Bentley Flying Spur

Overall, the Bentley Mulsanne offers a unique experience unrelated to any other luxury car brand. This isn’t a vehicle you race down a highway. The Mulsanne is meant to provide users with comfort, class, and classic enjoyment.

Many people like to compare the Mulsanne with Bentley’s Flying Spur. However, the Mulsanne’s construction and driving capability do not come close to those of the Flying Spur’s. We can only describe driving a Mulsanne as an event in itself.

The Mulsanne does not fit with the average driver. It was built for the exceptional, for those who appreciate the beauty that goes into the finest Bentley engineering. So if you are ready to take on the 505 horsepower and 752 pound-feet of torque that is the Mulsanne, then we’ve got you covered.


Finding the Perfect Luxury Vehicle for You

When looking for the ultimate high-end car, keep in mind that it should also be an extension of who you are. O’gara Coach La Jolla will pair you up with the vehicle that best caters to your lifestyle. Our showroom carries a range of luxury vehicles that are also available for a test drive. Let us help you fulfill that dream of owning the Mulsanne.

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