Optimal Car Maintenance Schedule for Your Exotic Vehicle

By rgrubbs | Posted in Maintenance and Repairs on Monday, December 17th, 2018 at 4:17 pm
car maintenance schedule

For the profane, it would appear evident that the more expensive the car, the less maintenance it requires. Luxury brands, after all, are praised for the incredible engineering that goes into designing a supercar, and unsurpassed quality in every detail. Except that the complexity of engines and parts, the high-tech components that set those cars apart, not to mention the thrill-drives they are put through, make them not just expensive, but precious. Which is exactly why owners of Rolls Royce, McLaren, or Lamborghini automobiles know the importance of maintaining a strict checkup schedule, even more so than for an everyday sedan.

Optimal Exotic Car Maintenance Schedule

No two brands are alike, and you should start with the recommended manufacturer’s maintenance plan. In general, a once a year check-over is minimum prudence, on top of which you should respect mileage milestones.

Proper revision of auto parts (tires, clutch, brakes, fluids) is not enough in the realm of high-end vehicles. The amount of computerized technology that makes them ultra-performant and that allows the numerous features to function properly is an element not to neglect. Should you dismiss the car-doctor appointment, you could face expensive repairs and be without a car for weeks.


Choose Your Car Service Provider Carefully

Supercars are complex bodies. Much like you wouldn’t trust a yoga instructor to perform heart surgery, you must carefully select who will service your car. Technicians qualified to maintain and detect issues are highly trained to each brand and should be able to provide proof of certification upon request. Servicing and repairs should be as luxurious as the vehicle: state of the art equipment, genuine manufacturer’s parts, accurate and thorough inspection.
Ideally, your dealership should offer in-house maintenance and service, as O’Gara La Jolla does.


Do Your Part to Maintain Your Exotic Car


Park and protect

No street parking for supercars. If you can’t fit that beauty in the garage, build a bigger one, or take the kids’ bikes and ski gear and any other space-eating items out.
If you are not going to drive for a long period of times, protect with a fitting cover. Even in a garage, cars are exposed to dust that could accumulate in delicate circuits.

Parking lots are another enemy of perfection! Make sure you didn’t park at an awkward angle to reduce risks of scratching. Avoid tight spaces (not all drivers are as adroit as you).


Clean and shine

Coastal and desert roads are putting your driving skills to the text, and the car’s body (and electronics) to the worst: dust, salt, gravel, mud, bumps… Wash and dry your car after a particularly fun drive, detail clean tires and don’t be too shy to use wax to renew its protective coating. Keep it clean under the hood and inside as well. Inner beauty is paramount to keep performance and safety.

Better yet, trust a professional car detailer to give your baby the spa treatment it deserves.

The optimal exotic car maintenance schedule is one that follows the automaker recommendations, at a minimum. To keep your car in mint condition, throw in extra caution and consider your driving style. The more often you take it out for a spin, the more often you should plan service visits.

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