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With only 20 in the world, the Centenario Roadster is not only one of the most exclusive Lamborghini’s, but one of the most exclusive automobiles ever built. To deliver one is an honor, and something we thought should be documented from start to finish. Here is a behind the scenes of the delivery of one of the rarest cars ever produced.

Very few cars arrive the way a Centenario does. The O’Gara Group has delivered a total of three Centenario’s, two Roadsters and one coupe. A privilege when you consider there are only 20 of each body style in the world.  The giant box, once taken off then truck it arrived in, was disassembled revealing the prize hiding inside. We decided to give the new owner the chance to be the one to start it first. After climbing in over the door Dukes of hazard Style, he pressed the button, the lights came on, and that monster 760 HP V12 roared to life. The sound of the car, especially still cocooned inside the box, was like nothing else on the road. The car slowly pulled out of the box, unveiling its raw carbon body with beautiful matte yellow accents. The bright Southern California sun reminded the new owner why having a car that comes without a roof, really shouldn’t be an issue.  There was excitement all around and hundreds of cell phone photos being taken by all involved. It was a special day to deliver and even more special car.



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