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Lamborghini Huracan Performante Track Experience

Huracan Performante | A Lamborghini Esperienza

The Huracan Performante, one of the quickest cars to leave the legendary Lamborghini factory. The coveted car shocked the world when it laid down the fastest lap time ever for a production car around the Nurburgring.  Our clients have been chomping at the bit to get behind the wheel of this future classic, and last Sunday, they did.


Lamborghini has this to say about it’s new track day monster,

The Huracán Performante has reworked the concept of super sports cars and taken the notion of performance to levels never seen before. The vehicle has been re-engineered in its entirety, as regards its weight, engine power, chassis and above all by introducing an innovative system of active aerodynamics: ALA. The use of the awarded Forged Composites, a shapable forged carbon fiber material patented by Automobili Lamborghini, is a real nice touch and it contributes to make the vehicle even lighter in weight. Besides its extraordinary technological properties, it also conveys a new idea of beauty.

The track day, put on by Lamborghini North America, gave drivers the chance to get away from the congested roads of San Diego, and onto the open track. The day started with a rundown of the schedule and the different experiences that would take place on the track. Guests were split up into groups and separated between Huracan Performante and Aventador S. The Huracan Performante was put through a slalom course to show its handling around the corners. The Aventador S was put on the long straight to show its insane power and acceleration.

Up next, driving with the pros

Guests were treated to a lead-follow session in the Huracan Performante followed by a hot-lap with one of Lamborghini’s champion driver coaches. We saw nothing but helmets and smiles exiting the passenger doors. This was an amazing event to celebrate an even more amazing car.


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