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With a vibrant downtown, diverse neighborhoods, hiking trails, miles of golden sands and an active beach community, San Diego embodies “the California dream.” Yet in a region of sand, surf and sunshine, what’s hot on the San Diego supercar scene?

In November 2018, a new breed of supercar took over the county with the launch of McLaren San Diego by O’Gara Coach La Jolla. McLaren is globally recognized as one of the world’s most profound high-technology brands. As pioneers in competitive Formula 1 racing, McLaren has also expanded into technology, healthcare and automotive industries.

Despite global fame, McLaren stays true to its roots. The core of the company’s identity is “Prepare. Commit. Belong.” This philosophy was borne from Formula 1 racing and followed the brand into its 2012 expansion into street cars. In McLaren’s identity, both cars and drivers are part of a globally recognized yet special community.

Unlike its competitors, McLaren is not ostentatious about its success. Rather, McLaren allows performance to speak for itself. San Diego’s values are similar. As a region home to booming defense, aerospace, biotechnology and international trade industries, San Diego is globally coveted for its outdoor living, nightlife, action sports and culinary scene. To put it simply, both McLaren and San Diego have earned their reputations because of the engineering behind the scenes- yet both still remember that the purpose of the journey isn’t about the fame, it’s about enjoying the race.

McLaren’s foundation began in 1958, when Bruce McLaren, a humble New Zealander, left his country to travel Europe and race cars. At just 15 years old, Bruce McLaren won his first race, a famed hill climb at Muriwai Beach, overlooking the rugged New Zealand coast. Fast-forward to 2019, and automotive technology is far different. Yet, drive a 650S Spider along San Diego’s Highway 101 on a Sunday morning, breathing in briny ocean air, taking in the sights of seaside bluffs and turquoise ocean, and it’s easy to imagine young Bruce McLaren’s inspiration as he raced his Austin 7 Ulster at Muriwai Beach over 60 years ago.

Just as Bruce’s passion for racing called him to the track, McLaren San Diego drivers can experience similar thrills in their backyard. A short drive from San Diego is the Thermal Club, where San Diego drivers can test the full capabilities of McLaren with O’Gara Motorsport on a private closed track. In addition, McLaren Automotive offers its own international official track driving program, Pure McLaren, in which McLaren Driver Coaches work with McLaren drivers and prospective owners on an individualized basis to eventually earn their racing license and race professionally.

McLaren Automotive has a ferocious product lineup consisting of Sports, Super, Ultimate and Legacy series. The cars range from road friendly to track-focused, so drivers are equipped to take a scenic drive to Coronado Island in a 570S Spider, navigate scorching roads in a 720S en route to Anza Borrego State Park, or reach blistering speeds in the 600LT at Thermal Club.

San Diego has a supercar to satisfy every breed of San Diegan, from the adventurous weekend warrior to the tech-focused track star.

To experience all the thrills McLaren has to offer, visit McLaren San Diego at 7440 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037 or call (877) 697-1057 to schedule an appointment.

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