4 Reasons Why the New Bentley Continental GT is a Brand Game Changer

By rgrubbs | Posted in Feature Car on Friday, April 27th, 2018 at 4:57 pm
bentley continental gt

The Bentley Continental has long been a staple of Bentley’s luxurious lineup and always stood out amongst other supercar brands. Though improvements have been made upon its design with each new model, it never really made a significant leap forward that separated it from past versions in a meaningful way. 

That is, until now. The latest edition of the Bentley Continental, the Bentley Continental GT, completely revamped the old Bentley and dare we say, left it in the dust.

With a brand new look and some serious adjustments made under the hood, the Bentley Continental GT is guaranteed to change the brand forever. Let’s go a little more in-depth and look at 5 reasons why this car is such a game changer.


1. A Fresh New Look

The Bentley Continental never looked like a sleek little sports car from Europe. Even Bentley owners themselves were a little off put by the blocky build of the previous-gen version.

The new GT could be described as more “muscular” without being blocky. The look of the car is a lot neater, and it sits lower as well. It could be compared to a fitness model whereas the last GT looked more like a bodybuilder.

It’s loaded with an ever powerful W12 engine, with seemingly the same doe-eyed highlights. However, as you draw close to the glistening light, you will notice the headlights are diamond faceted like a brilliant round stone. The entire skeleton of the body is of steel and aluminum and also wrapped in vast sheets of aluminum. The only part of the car that isn’t metal is the boot lid because it holds all the receiver ware and aerials.

The rear haunch line is beautifully razored, yet finesse with its smooth curves. There’s only one word to describe this car’s look, and it’s svelte.


2. A Completely Reworked Engine

While there is technically still a 12-cylinder shaped like a W up front, the rest of the engine is completely reworked. It now features twin-injection, start-stop, twin-scroll turbos, active engine mounts, and variable displacement.

These new additions give this Conti better refinement, more mpg, and Euro 6 compliance. Meaning it also gets a 25% increase in torque, 626 bhp, and that this is available in only a third of the time that it took the old engine.

Did we mention it hits 0-60 in 3.7 seconds? Or that it goes 207 mph with stunningly impressive in-gear acceleration?


3. You Won’t Recognize the Handling

Being that it is still a Bentley Continental with a front-engine W12 you would expect some nose-led severe, severe handling again, wouldn’t you? Well, you’d be right to expect it, but the engineers are way ahead of you on this one.

They somehow managed to rework the arrangement so that the W12 moved further down and back, with the front drive shafts now running through the sump’s bottom. There’s now actually only a mere 1.5mm of clearance, which significantly lowered the GT’s center of gravity.

The front wheels have also moved forward, and the bonnet lowered, all things that bode well for the handling of this vehicle. The body control of this new continental is better in every direction.

It won’t dance like a lightweight vehicle, but it moves a lot better now. It drives best if you go about 80% and leave a little bit of room to let it swoop.


4. A Mode for Each Mood

The whole point of the Bentley Continental GT is to be a perfect mix of sporty, and luxurious. It wants to let you get the full breadth of experience available on the road and provides you with 3 modes to do so.

There’s sports mode, which is a bit aggressive and nibbly. There’s more reaction in this mode, and more nerve as well. It won’t make you forget you’re in a Bentley and not a GT3 RS, but it will satisfy your craving for speed and agility when it strikes.  

Comfort mode is quite the opposite, allowing you to go entirely numb on the bottom and forget that the road even exists. This is thanks to the air suspension which uses a triple-chambered system to alter ride characteristics and handling. Bentley mode is a nice mix of the first two modes, attempting to give you the best of both worlds.  


Redefining Bentley

The Bentley Continental GT is something the likes of which we have never seen before. It’s a complete brand game changer and a massive upgrade on the last GT. With a sleek new look, smoother handling, and a refined engine, even just test-driving this car at Bentley in La Jolla should be on your bucket list. If you somehow end up behind the wheel of one of these, consider yourself incredibly blessed.

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