Adventure 101: 3 New Bentley Models for an Epic Road Trip

By rgrubbs | Posted in Feature Car on Monday, April 30th, 2018 at 6:49 pm
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It’s a known fact that road trips are good for the soul. For most of human history, we weren’t able to take road trips. It was only sometime within the last 150 years or so that we unlocked the ability to get in a vehicle and zoom off into the horizon.

Now, going for a long drive or multi-day road trip is not only familiar, but it’s also necessary. If you go for too long without taking a road trip, before you know it, you’ll probably begin to feel an itch for the open road. And when that itch surfaces, there’s no better way to scratch it than with a drive in one of the luxurious new Bentley models. 

When it comes to luxury driving and spending extended periods of time in your vehicle, Bentley is one of the best supercar brands out there. With their focus on comfort and functionality above all, a road trip in a Bentley is sure to fill that void in your heart.

So which new Bentley models should you choose for that perfect road trip? Well, any of them would do, but here are our top 3 choices in case you need some help deciding.


1. Bentley Continental GT Speed


With a 0-60 time of just 3.9 seconds, this vehicle doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of speed. It may be fast, but it’s also luxurious as well. A perfect combination of power and comfort, the Continental GT Speed can hit 206 mph without even spilling your drink.

The chassis is a full 10mm lower than the previous model, and this provides a much sportier experience. The first edition was released in 2012 and featured chrome elements. The latest version unveiled in 2016 offers a darker, sleeker look. Everything is dark-tinted, with a gloss-black paint job and with diamond quilted leather seats to complete the look.

Also, if you like to hear the sound of your engine; this Continental was made for you. The rifled, elliptical tailpipes bellow out a deep exhaust note, letting everyone around you know they’re not in the presence of a regular car. For a more thrilling experience and heightened open-air emotion, the Continental GT Speed Convertible is perfect for the coast commute.


2. Bentley Bentayga


The Bentley Bentayga is the fastest SUV on the planet, topping out at 187 mph. With enough room for you and your entire family, this vehicle was built with a super advanced engine. It ensures that you get the full enjoyment of a sports vehicle while maintaining the benefits of an SUV.

On both the four-seat and the five-seat configurations, this SUV has a built-in “event seat” in the back. This seat slides and folds out so you can enjoy a beautiful star-lit view at the end of the day. Or you can sit down and have a mid-day bite to eat while not having to leave the natural environment.

Despite having such raw power under the hood, however, the Bentayga was built with economy in mind. It can go a full 21.6 miles on just a single gallon of gas. Meaning you can extend your road trip as far as you like without having to break the bank on fill-ups.


3. Bentley Mulsanne Range


Marketed as the “world’s finest handmade car,” this is one that Bentley is especially proud of. With a perfect balance of performance and luxury kept in mind, the Mulsanne Range offers a different, yet equally joyous experience for road-trippers.

The interior comfort of the passengers is the Mulsanne’s primary goal, especially when it comes to long drives. Thankfully for you, the Mulsanne Range has an all-star interior. The seats are covered in soft-touch tanned hides and are available in 24 different colors of your choosing. The back seats can be adjusted 8 different ways, and the front seats, 14 different ways.

Every seat in the car can individually adjust the AC, and there are four individual zones which can be changed to the suit the needs of those sitting in them. The lumbar support offered in this vehicle is second-to-none, which makes it optimal for an hours-long drive down endless stretches of highway.


Driving the Open Road


Bentleys were made for road trips. The luxury and performance with which they are designed to make them perfect for disappearing on the open road, with or without companions.

The new Bentley models listed in this article are sure to provide you with an excellent road trip experience, so don’t waste an opportunity to hit the road in one of them.

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