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In the automotive industry, most new car reveals are pretty straight forward and similar.  Cue the music, pull back the cloth, and talk about the car while guests watch through their cell phone screens. This time around Bentley wanted to do something different. Show off the Continental GT in a creative way, and making the experience very exclusive. These are the highlights from the special Bentley La Jolla event.


The Continental GT is a spectacular car. It has a look that has become synonymous with the Bentley name. After years of updates and subtle facelifts it was time for a redesign. The GT is new from the ground up, but keeping some of the design cues that made the car iconic.  These details and features were included in a 20 minute short film featuring actor Jean Reno. This film was made exclusively for the screening which happened worldwide on the same day.


For the event we utilized our gorgeous brick showroom to host not only the dinner but the screening as well. The space, while massive, felt more rustic and intimate with the string lights and large wooden tables. Following the dinner, Laura Lindstrom, Bentley La Jolla Brand Manger, gave the guests an introduction to the film and car they were about to see.



The exclusive  short film, shown around the world at Bentley Showrooms and special locations, did an amazing job to show off not only the new design elements but get clients excited about the future of the brand.  Following the screening we took what is known as a “Louis Moment” where we toasted the car and each other with Remy Martin Louis XIII. With some of the worlds finest Cognac being sipped, and conversation being had, there seemed no better way to cap off an incredible night. We would also like to extend a big thank you to our sponsors, Park Place and Westime for helping make the night even more special.


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