O’Gara Coach Welcomes McLaren Automotive to the San Diego Family

By rgrubbs | Posted in McLaren on Thursday, November 15th, 2018 at 8:18 pm

For years O’Gara Coach has provided ultra-luxury vehicles to car enthusiasts around the world. From Bentley to Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce, our O’Gara Co. team never fails to deliver an experience to its customers. Most recently, the O’Gara Coach La Jolla branch has expanded, offering, for the first time ever, McLaren’s performance vehicles to customers in the San Diego area.

Many of our clients have enthusiastically welcomed the news, ready to not only possess one of the world’s most exceptional performance cars but also have access to an unparalleled driving and lifestyle experience.


McLaren is a legendary brand that embodies pioneering technology, fearless engineering, beautiful yet purposeful design, and a relentless spirit. These McLaren principles create a unique experience of confidence, sophistication, humanity, and authenticity for customers; what could be described as the McLaren personality.



Owner Perks & Memberships

Our clients will have the opportunity to become members of the O’Gara Owner’s club, where they will gain exclusive access to company events and race track days. They will also obtain entry to Pure McLaren, the official track driving program of McLaren Automotive, which offers owners expert guidance in and out of the car to maximize their road performance.


In addition to these exciting perks, O’Gara Coach is presenting its own driving program based out of The Thermal Club, an all-inclusive private destination for the prominent motorsport enthusiast. We are the only dealership offering private charter flights for McLaren owners to the members-only private track. Our clients will be able to unleash the full power of the McLaren line-up, including the 570S, 720S, or the much anticipated McLaren 600LT.  


Leader and company visionary, Tom O’Gara shared his excitement upon learning of the partnership with McLaren, stating “We are excited to represent McLaren in San Diego. McLaren ownership takes it a step further through their bespoke division, McLaren Special Operations (MSO). MSO is driven by a passion for perfection and allows owners to create ultra-exclusive, limited edition or one-off models.”



Experiencing McLaren in San Diego

Everyone at O’Gara La Jolla is honored to have won the McLaren franchise. The achievement is a testament to the group’s award-winning service, proven track record, and experience with ultra-luxury buyers.


“As McLaren San Diego, we aim to be the most admired ultra-luxury auto retailer with a strong commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction,” says Tom.


As our team prepares to unveil the McLaren’s line of high-end performance vehicles, we want to welcome the San Diego community to visit our dealership to learn more. You can make an appointment to visit the McLaren San Diego showroom or attend one of our public car show events, such as the San Diego GT – Cars & Coffee Reinvented, where the McLaren Senna and the McLaren P1 GTR have made an appearance.


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