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We at O’Gara La Jolla find ourselves in a strange time. A time that, only a couple years ago, would have thought to be unimaginable. We now live in a world where Rolls-Royce, the pinnacle of luxury and class, and Lamborghini, the creators of some of the fastest and most aggressive cars ever, have SUV’s about to hit the market, at the same time.

We say it’s strange because this is uncharted territory for Rolls-Royce. Never have they put out an SUV or “high bodied vehicle” as they call it, in their 114-year history.  Never have they put out a vehicle with all-wheel drive. A vehicle that has the ability to traverse some of the most brutal terrains the world has to offer. We say this is a strange time because Lamborghini HAS put out an SUV before. In the mid-1980’s Lamborghini produced the LM002 aka “The Rambo Lambo”. With only 300 or so produced, it was not well received and was their last time attempting to enter the SUV market.  But as strange as this feels it’s also incredibly exciting. Two of the most storied car makers on opposite ends of the spectrum have released cars that will now compete. These new cars, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and the Lamborghini Urus have been unveiled to the world, but have never met face to face, until now.


When we realized that we would have both vehicles in-house at the same time, we knew we needed to do something special. Enter Doug DeMuro. Doug, a seasoned automotive journalist, and YouTube Star had worked with us already on the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII. In his videos Doug goes over the entire vehicle and documents all the little “Quirks and Features” the general public might not know about. He has garnered one of the strongest followings seen in all of YouTube.  With close to 2 Million subscribers, Doug’s video’s regularly get between 2-4million views. An unheard of conversion rate for even the most popular users. Having just done a video of both Vehicles for his own channel, we knew Doug would be perfect to narrate this special meeting. Below are some behind the scenes photos from our day of filming. CLICK HERE to view the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.  A huge thank you to Doug for helping us with this video and to our partners at Aerial9 Media for putting it all together.



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