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black badge

The Dawn Black Badge through the Lens

One of the biggest challenges of photographing cars is choosing the right location. A proper location can help the photos tell a story, or set the right mood and tone. You want to put the viewer in the car, make them imagine themselves in that situation. A beautiful luxury car in front of a palatial home makes sense. A hypercar photographed on the open road, or at the racetrack makes sense. The Dawn Black Badge though, it needed something different.


We made the decision that it needed to be shot in an environment that felt more urban, more alive.  To take it a step further, we decided to do the entire shoot in black and white, and with a slower shutter speed.  The blurs of people and cars give the outside world a sense of motion.  It also makes whats still and sharp, stand out that much more. Downtown San Diego made for the perfect location. The mix of industrial modern and bayfront chic made the locations look like it could be old town Boston, or Miami Beach.


The textures of the buildings are the perfect contrast to the multilayer polished black paint job, exclusive to the Black Badge Package. Acting like a mirror the black paint reflects light showing off the Dawns beautifully subtle lines.   Even after the sun went down and streetlights came on, we continued shooting into the night.


To quote Rolls-Royce “Black is more than a color. It is a state of mind. It is a statement of intent“.  We think these photos show just that.



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