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Photo’s by Robert Grubbs and Jason Salazar

For the last two months, we at O’Gara La Jolla have been trying to solve a problem. How do you top the Inaugural San Diego GT?  We unveiled 5 hypercars in dramatic fashion and had a strong showing of supercars and other exotics. Well, what you see below is how we maintained San Diego GT’s reputation as being one of Southern California’s premier Cars and Coffee events.

Roll In and Staging

San Diego GT is billed as an exotics-only car show. With a little over 70 spots to work with and 2,000 expected attendees, we have to be very selective of what is allowed in the show. With hundreds of spectators lining the entry, the roll in helps each participant feel like royalty for being allowed in the show. The feeling doesn’t stop there. After entering the show the driver and their occupants are given “Owners Club All Access” badges for the show. We’ll explain more on that later. Parking for the show is broken up by the manufacturer with designated spaces for “Feature Cars”.  The idea is to have brand lineups to make for more impressive video and photo content. This time around we had one of the strongest lineups of current model supercars ever seen in San Diego.





Owners Club VIP Room

For the first GT, Symbolic International was opened up for all the general public to see.  This time around we wanted to utilize the incredible space a little differently. We decided to turn it into a Rolls-Royce showroom featuring the newest models available, including the new Rolls-Royce Phantom 8. It gave the owners who were lucky enough to park in the show, a little something special for attending. We had the room catered with gourmet breakfast items and coffee from our Partners at Spindrift Coffee Co.


Feature Cars

One of the things that made the first San Diego GT so successful was the feature cars. Giving the people of San Diego the ability to see cars they would otherwise never see is the most rewarding part of the show. With Hypercars dominating the last GT we decided to go a slightly different route. The theme of the show was Race/Track cars. For this theme, there is no better car to feature than the Aston Martin Vulcan. An 820HP track car with only 23 other examples in the world. To say this car is unique and rare is an understatement. Keeping with the race car theme, two Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo’s were in attendance, one of which won the ProAm Supertrofeo World Championship. In order to give the crowd a little excitement, we had the drivers of the two Huracans, Lamborghini La Jolla Brand Manager Parris Mullins, and ProAm World Champion Taylor Proto, fire up and rev the cars for the people in attendance.  This got quite the reaction but the climax of the show really came when the Vulcan was started.  Hundreds of people gathered to get video and hear that epic naturally aspirated V12.





Roll Out / Wrap Up

For most car shows the rollout is what gets peoples attention. It’s the time when fans can not only see these cars on the road but hear them as well. With safety a primary concern we had the roads leading in and out of the show being patrolled by the San Diego Police Department. Their presence was paramount in keeping this a fun and safe show for the thousands that attended. As the cars left and vendors packed up we looked at the show as a complete and utter success. We’d like to thank our partners for their participation and support. Spindrift Coffee Co for providing free coffee to all attendees. Frat Boy Donuts, Everbowl, and Marcel’s Waffles for attending and serving our patrons their wonderful fare. We would also like to thank Symbolic International for their continued support and for allowing us to use their incredible showroom. Our team is looking forward to doing this again in April.


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