We at O'Gara have mourned the innocent lives lost at the hands of racism and are disheartened to see the pain, disappointment and anguish take place in our nation and our own community following the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor amongst others. O'Gara unilaterally stands against any form of racism, discrimination and abuse of power and is committed to confronting these notions to create a more inclusive world.

Our constitutional right as Americans includes peacefully protesting social injustice, which in itself is part of a cathartic process that echoes a much needed change. However, it is imperative that we drive the conversation forward, not manifesting our actions through aggression, but forging a new path together towards equal justice. It is important to uphold our local community and jobs, as well as keep them safe, and not replace the civil protests and need to take action with violence and loitering that endanger our neighborhoods, cities and country. By continuing to patiently listen, communicate and educate ourselves on the matters at hand as well as support the Black community and others who are directly affected, we will create a better future for the next generation.

I invite you to join O'Gara in supporting the following verified memorial fund and take a driving seat in this fundamental need for societal progress.


      George Floyd Memorial Fund


We will continue to serve our community with respect to the latest health and safety measures and our showrooms will be open in accordance to citywide curfew guidelines.



Tom O'Gara