Purchasing a Rolls-Royce, with its combination of visionary engineering and hand-crafted build, should always be an exceptional experience, regardless of its age. That's why only the finest previously-owned Rolls-Royce motor cars attain the Provenance Pre-Owned title. Rolls-Royce La Jolla' uncompromising standards and drive for excellence ensure that every Provenance vehicle not only delivers total reassurance but, thanks to Rolls-Royce's minimum two year servicing and warranty cover, is also a sound investment for the future.
With its own distinctive style and features, every Rolls-Royce motor car is unique. That's why our knowledgeable sales staff are on hand at all stages of your purchase to guide you through your choice of vehicle and assist you in the selection of luxury accessories, helping you to put your own personal stamp on your Provenance Rolls-Royce motor car.




The Provenance Guarantee 

Rolls-Royce motor cars are designed and crafted to live a long and rich life. Their story begins the moment they are driven away by their first owners, from our home in Goodwood. Provenance is a collection of the finest previously-owned Rolls-Royce motor cars.

You also receive one or two years servicing and warranty, and roadside assistance. We ensure they have been meticulously cared for and still meet our uncompromising standards. Only then do we prepare them to meet their new owners – when the next chapter of their story begins and their journey continues.


Attention To Every Detail

Our legendary and unrivalled attention to detail is no different for a previously-owned Rolls-Royce, than it is for the motor cars leaving Goodwood today. It begins with the selection of the Provenance motor car itself. We only feature those that have been meticulously cared for and maintained at the highest level, with an exhaustive written record to prove it.

No one knows a Rolls-Royce motor car like the craftspeople and artisans who built it. So only specialist technicians, who we train to our unparalleled standards, are qualified to exhaustively inspect and approve all Provenance motor cars – from the paintwork and interior to the mechanics and technology. Any repairs or refurbishment needed are carried out to our exacting requirements, using Rolls-Royce Genuine Parts. And we thoroughly check the motor car’s history and mileage, to ensure its integrity.

Finally, before we award the Provenance title, we carry out an extensive road test. So, as its new owner, you will experience a Rolls-Royce that drives as beautifully as it did the day it left Goodwood.



An Invidual Legacy

Each Rolls-Royce is unique. And Provenance Pre-Owned gives you the opportunity to add to its individuality and legacy. As its new owner, you drive your Rolls-Royce away the moment you purchase it, rather than patiently waiting for it to be hand-built. However, you are still able to make your motor car individual to you by selecting from a breadth of Bespoke features, which can be crafted once you take ownership. Inside, you can personalise your headrests with any emblem or initials you choose, add the bewitching Starlight Headliner or fit a humidor into the glove box. While on the exterior, you can choose a brushed steel bonnet, fully polished alloy wheels, or even a 24-carat gold Spirit of Ecstasy.

You also receive a minimum of two years’ servicing and warranty, and two years’ roadside assistance. If you are ready to become a Rolls-Royce owner, Rolls-Royce La Jolla is here to help you find your perfect motor car. Or you can search our Provenance Pre-Owned collection online. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can notify you the moment your preferred Rolls-Royce becomes available.