How will it work?

  1. A customer will need to request to the sales specialist they are working with that they are interested in paying with cryptocurrency.
  2. Customer will have to create account with Bitpay and verify their identity and link their cryptocurrency wallet 
  3. Once the final price of the vehicle or vehicles have been agreed upon plus the 1% service fee, O'Gara Coach will generate an invoice with the agreed amount of the deposit.
  4. The invoice received via email will contain a QR code, which the customer can scan from their existing Bitpay wallet
  5. From there, the customer can then pay the invoice from their personal crypto wallet.

Customers will need to have existing mobile wallets as well as existing funds within those mobile wallets. 


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Return Policy: 
Customers will only receive the dollar amount back in return, not including the 1% fee they paid to complete the transaction. BitPay will also have to re-verify their Crypto Wallet information before returning the payment to the customer. Funds can be returned to the customer through the same method of payment, however, due to the process of re-verifying the customers crypto info, we may not be able to reverse the transaction without the customers approval. We also have to consider that the customer will lose the 1% fee if we reverse the transaction.