Bugatti Service San Diego

Keep Your Bugatti Running in Prime Condition

You don't need anyone to tell anyone how special your Bugatti is. The parts and components in your Bugatti need to be taken care of. This is extremely important. It's highly suggested that you protect your investment by making regular service appointments for your car at our luxury car service center in San Diego.

How Important Is Routine Maintenance?

A car that is built as well as a Bugatti seems to be immune from service requirements. However, you need to keep in mind just how hard the parts inside your car are working to keep performing as it is designed to on the San Diego roadways. The high rate of speed combined with the revving up of the engine can take quite a toll over time. Make sure that you take time to take care of those parts by ensuring they are properly serviced when the need arises.

Protect Your Investment

At its basic level, oil is what keeps your Bugatti performing as optimally as possible. Oil keeps the engine lubricated and ready for service when called upon. Make sure that you have a certified technician change the oil for you about every 7,500 miles just to be safe. You will also want to have a tire rotation done to ensure proper even wear across all four tires. Additionally, we encourage our local Carlsbad patrons to make sure that regular brake and transmission checks are completed. This will help to minimize the potential for serious problems at a future date.

You will notice right away how much of a difference proper maintenance makes in the performance of your Bugatti. O'Gara Coach San Diego is pleased to offer an authorized Bugatti service center located at 11455 Sorrento Valley Rd in San Diego. Call us orĀ  schedule a service appointment and we will be ready to take care of your car at that time.