The Rimac C_Two is a pure electric GT hypercar as capable on track as it is crossing continents. A car as bespoke as it is user-friendly. Configurable, personal and extremely powerful, representing what is possible when true innovation and passion is allowed free rein. Building on the knowledge gleaned from the brilliantly powerful Rimac Concept_One, the all-new C_Two combines the very best materials and bespoke technology to produce something both revolutionary and eminently useable, with performance and character that elevates the genre. There is - quite literally - no other car like it.


A broad, sculptural hood design empasises the C_Two's strength and intent and includes active flaps that modify the car's aerodynamic profile. This provides the kind of low coefficient of aerodynamic drag that allows this hypercar to slice the air like a silent knife, aiding both efficiency and performace. The C_Two's front splitter features active elements to both modify the car's aerodynamic profile and help maintain optimum operating temperatures for electronic and battrey systems. By utilising these mobile flaps, the C_Two can remain cohesive and beautiful, and yet still exceptionally functional. Despite its appearance as fully intergrated into the back of the car, the rear wing adopts varying positions according to dynamic loads - maximising cornering downforce and also allowing for a high top speed - and instantly operates as a full air-brake to stabilise the car under heavy braking.


Penned by in-house team at Rimac, the graceful, agile form of the C_Two features timeless, elegant styling. Following simple aesthetic rules based around balanced efficiency, the car is neither aggressive nor passive - but somewhere in-between. A delicate network of performance, efficiency and beauty. With every aspect of the C_Two produced on-site at Rimac's facility, the carbonfibre elements - including th echassis and body work - are a perfect fit. With such manufacturing control and in-house research and development, this also allows details of the car to be produced to the customer's exact specification. Thousands of exotic metal, carbonfibre and electronic pieces of this intricate jigsaw are produced, tested and fitted - even the jigs and tooling for each individual piece are produced on-site - to provide the kind of quality that Rimac demands. All under one roof on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia.


Rimac Automobili was founded with the vision to create the sportscar of the 21st century. Soon it was clear that we first had to invent various technologies to make this possible and that those technologies could do much more. Today, we are unleashing the full potential of Nikola Tesla’s invention, the alternating current electric motor, in many ways and industries.


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